Hand Etched and Carved Glass

 hand carved bear on glass
hand etched carved wolf
humming bird etched and carved on glass
etch carved penquin on glass
Heading 6
owl design etched on glass
Bill the Bear
Will the Wolf
Henretta the Hummingbird
dolphin gift etched on glass
crab design gift for crab lovers
 gift for angel lover on a hand made etched glass
Penelope the Penguin
lover of aligator etched on glass
Horton the Owl
rooster nad chicken lovers hand etched glass
Dansea the Dolphin
Bark the Crab
Audrey the Angel
Ali the Gator
Randy the Rooster
gift for horse lovers hand etched glass
lover of dragonfly hand etched glass
Roh the Horse
Darter the Dragonfly

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